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Why not spend an increadible day at sea! Visit the most spectacular places our land has to offer.  Sorrento and its confining towns of Massa Lubrense, Nerano, Positano, Praiano and Amalfi are still home to unspoilt caracteristic fishing villages which are truelly unimitable, as they have maintained all the culture and traditions of Sorrento’s ansestors.  Enjoy typical local dishes of colourful vegetables dishes, fresh local fish and exquisite speciality deserts all followed by the most tasty limoncello liquir. Secluded seaside restaurants which can only be reached by boat, and are exclusivly for sea lovers, with an impeccable taste for beautiful things and impeccable cuisine. We like to remind you that “The day is yours” Our main satisfaction is when you are happy!! Our day trips are all tailor made especially for you. Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi coast are are all famous for their spectacular coastline you will sail on your own private boat and visit the many coves and beaches, deep creeks, small islands and cliffs which will entice you to jump in the cristal blue waters to snorkel and dive or just relax  and benefit from the sensation of well being the sea gives you. 

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Gozzo Sorrentino Boat
Gozzo Sorrentino Boat
Gozzo Sorrentino Boat

Come with us and make the most of your day...

Sorrento Experience is a family run business that has been passed on through generations, we are highly professional and friendly, our work is our life therefore we enjoy every single moment of the day with you. Our aim to provide exceptional service, great memories to which we believe are second to none.  Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Cost are our passion as they are home to some of the most breath taking views, sights and dream locations that are best captured from sea,   All our tours are tailor made to suit you!  This is your ticket towards the highlight of your stay in Sorrento.  Enjoy the luxury of being guided through the most wonderful hidden places around the Island of Capri , and its surrounding areas  whilst relaxing on your very own private boat. Let the professional, English speaking staff attend your every need whilst you experience all the pleasures that come with a perfect day at sea with your loved ones. All Sorrento Experience Staff speak perfect English, but if you feel you would like to practice your Italian they will be more than happy to help. Our Boats are typical  Sorrento style vessels, they are built in Massa Lubrense, a five minute drive from Sorrento town. These are unique in there structure and have been designed especially to navigate our waters in the most comfortable ways. The “Gozzo Sorrentino” made from three different types of wood are:  Traditionally beautiful, Safe, Comfortable, Stable, Fast and timelessly attractive, suitable for every age.  Our boats are all spacious with lots of room to sunbath, relax and enjoy the sun. There is a washroom, changing area and deposit on the lower deck, the upper deck is designed as “Open” this allows full enjoyment of the sea and sun.  

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Speciality Trips
Special trips

Try something out of the ordinary... Sorrento experience offers a variety of speciality trips! You may have little time, or like to surprise a loved ...

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